We are a Romanian, Bucharest-based company, operating in international chemical trading for more than 20 years. All this time, we have gained experience, reliable suppliers from more than 10 countries and satisfied customers in over 80 countries.
We offer a wide range of products, mainly focusing on caustic soda, chlorinated solvents, soda ash, aluminium sulphate and polyols.
Our efforts to provide our customers with the most efficient business packages are sustained by reputable partners in the banking, insurance and logistics fields such as Citibank, Allianz, Greif, UPS, Safmarine, MSC and others.

Our vision
• Working in a worldwide environment, with reputable clients, our vision is to be a trustworthy partner, always open to discussion.
• We believe professionalism must be the key word of every business and we, at Spot Trading, are committed to delivering the best business solutions.
• We communicate openly as we believe honesty is the easiest way to solve a problem

Our main goals
• Business is easy with us as we provide full logistics, sales and credit management solutions, in the most advantageous conditions, allowing our partners to focus on their core activities: production or distribution.
• We are committed to fulfilling our partners’ requests in a professional manner offering quality products, at attractive prices and timely logistic operations
• We base our work on high standards, the most important being integrity.

Our motto: We are always on the spot in the chemical world.